About Us

About Us

High quality general contracting services

Choosing an experienced General Contractors is the best way to get your home up the the new florida codes and the new homeowners insurance requirements.

Our licensed team is dedicated to providing you with premium services at the lowest prices possible. The reasons why we are the preferred choice to handle all of your General Contracting needs in South Florida.

Our Strategy

In Synergy, Inc. goes above and beyond for our customers. We are dedicated to helping you complete your new construction or remodeling project in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible, from design all the way through to completion.




We will advice you on your next General Contracting Project. Our goal is to help you get the best price with the lowest cost possible to you.

Save Money

We work with you so you will get the lowest General Contracting price.Also, we make sure your home qualifies the insurance discounts that you are entitled to.


We offer free quotes. Do not go with a general contractor without validating their experience. This can cost you thousand of dollars if your next project is not up to code.